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Tringg simplifies the process of ordering, paying and serving your best dishes and drinks to help you increase revenues and reduce costs

Why Your Patrons will Love Tringg

Tringg makes dining out smarter, easier and hassle free, by managing customer engagement touch-points through the comfort of your phone.

With Tringg, Patrons can

  • Order food themselves, with a few taps.
  • Add co-diners to the table and split the bill or pay for what they order.
  • Avoid queues at Events by placing a Pre-Paid order, picking it up when ready.

Why You will Love Tringg

With Tringg restaurants and F&B stalls turn more efficient, earn more & serve better

  • Faster order processing and quicker table turnarounds make your restaurant more efficient.
  • Less time spent taking orders & settling bills allows you to create a more seamless experience for your patrons.
  • Greater insights on your patrons allows you to create more personalised experiences as well as enabling better cross-selling opportunities.
  • Increase customer engagement with updates and offerings, via active interactions on the feed.

How Tringg works for You

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